Plainfield Center for Islamic Enlightenment
Plainfield Center for Islamic Enlightenment
In the name of Allah, the most Gracias, the most Merciful


Our mission is to build a sense of home and community for Muslims and locals in the Plainfield Metro area. Join us. 


Prayer Times

Please join us for our 5 daily prayers 7 days a week. We'll keep times up to date every week.


Daily Athan

Daily Iqama

06:00 am — Fajr

12:30 pm — Dhuhr

02:45 pm — Asr

On time — Maghrib

07:30 pm — Isha


01:15 pm — Jummah

“He who builds a masjid in the way of Allah, Allah will build a house for him in paradise.”

— Prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him